Social Security

The Law Office of Norman J. Barilla is very experienced in the representation of individuals who have become disabled because of a serious illness or injury and denied their Social Security disability benefits. Denial of these disability insurance claims creates a severe hardship on individuals who have worked all their life and now, because they can no longer perform their current job or any other job in the workplace, their everyday existence is threatened by the denial of their Social Security disability benefits.

The process of appealing Social Security disability claims is very time consuming and presents numerous problems for individuals seeking award of these disability benefits. Understanding the rules and regulations regarding the Social Security Administration’s system of filing and obtaining approval for disability insurance benefits can become frustrating, overwhelming and confusing to the persons seeking Social Security disability benefits.

The attorneys have become very  experienced in the representation of cases involving denial of Social Security disability insurance benefits and Supplemental Security Income claims. Our knowledge, experience and persistence, in obtaining a favorable outcome for those individuals who are in need and should be awarded their Social Security disability insurance benefits, shows our concern and dedication for the people.