Wills & Estates


We feel that it is important for clients to have wills. No matter how simple or complicated your estate, it will benefit from a well-thought-out will. A will saves your loved ones time and expense after you are gone.

Probating a will is a simple, quick, and inexpensive process. One common misconception is that not having a will makes things simpler, because it avoids probate and taxes. It does not. First of all, the lack of a will does not necessarily avoid probate. Second, estate tax is determined by who inherits and the size of the estate, not whether it goes through probate.

In addition, many people think that probate is a time consuming and expensive process. It is not. It is simply the process of proving a will’s validity after your death, and involves filing the will and the death certificate at the clerk’s office in the county in which the testator last resided. A fee is paid, and Letters Testamentary (documents that give authority to act to your executor, the person you designate to handle the affairs of your estate). The whole process takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

Having a will saves your loved ones expense. If you should die without a will , a bond must be posted to make sure that the estate is administered properly. The annual premiums on that bond during the administration of your estate will most likely be significantly more than it would cost you to hire a lawyer to prepare a will that relieves your executor of that responsibility.

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